EyeQuant Judges Website Design

There are millions of websites that exist on the internet and thousands more are being created every day. One of the primary need for a web page is its appealing factor. People usually flock to a website based on how attractive it is to their senses. And at this juncture we see artificial intelligence changing the design field forever. EyeQuant, an AI software designed over neural networking can understand and rate the cleanliness of a website just like a human being would.

Web sites usually come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them have a motive to sell something to the viewer. They might range from e-commerce to design to even literature blogs, but they all have the intent of giving value to the viewer. And from the viewer’s perspective, the more presentable a website is, the more is the trust factor attached to it. Creating trust based on appearances might be confusing since the overall outlook of the site might be comprehended by different people in a different light. EyeQuant offers a solution here by helping companies to decipher how the majority looks and feels about their site.

Inner workings of EyeQuant

EyeQuant is a Berlin-based startup founded by a group of neuroscientists. It was developed with the single motive of teaching a system to look through the eyes of a human being. Their tool Clarity was fed with data from thousands of random users over the net. The users were given questionnaires to rate the top 10000 websites (based on footfall) on the cleanness and elegance of their overall design.

EyeQuant learns through the data and feedback and can prop itself to predict how a website would look to an average human with 95 percent accuracy. For example, Apple’s iPhone online store gets a score of 94 out of 100, which means that the site is very well designed and is seen favorably among the people.

Simpler designs make more impact

EyeQuant’s CEO Fabian Stelzer believes that the best design would be the simplest one that can be designed. When a lot of information is being forced into a single screen, the site becomes cluttered. This leads to a bad score on the Clarity tool. Also, EyeQuant is not advocating for websites to adopt similar designs which rate higher on its tool. Rating just goes on to say that simpler designs are well received and experimentation should always be there, to improve on existing designs. It might so happen that sometimes, a cool feature might completely turn the table in its favor and set a new norm to website judging.

EyeQuant helps its customers by pointing out design flaws and gives them tips on how to rectify them to suit the general audience. This tool effectively does the work of A/B testing and thus can save time and money for the company. It also helps people in understanding how their competitors fare on their sites and about the best practices that can be brought in to hack through the competition. EyeQuant’s services start at 499€ a month.