Kylie’s AI Automates Social Media For Businesses

Social media presence is an intrinsic part of the marketing division of every company, looking to engage with its customers real-time. And unlike other conventional mediums, social media is quite dynamic. The content that is circulated around changes quickly and adapting to change is integral to making it through the medium. Marketing teams understand this and thus there is a whole section of social media managers working around the clock to engage with interested people and potential customers. Kylie provides an automated solution to this, by using artificial intelligence to clone responses which are human-like in nature

Inside Kylie – the concierge service for companies

Kylie is a product which came through Y-Combinator. It was founded by Jamasen Rodriguez and Sinan Ozdemir, with the intent of using cutting-edge technology to understand the intent and context of a customer engaging with the system. It might be a word of praise, or probably is a complaint which needs to be escalated to the service department. It essentially does the work of the customer care personnel. It can respond to questions with customized answers which changes with the question. This is unlike previous bots with pre-programmed answers to framed questions. Such a program makes it more appealing to the customers, who feel more inclined towards a human-like interface than a robotic answering mechanism.

Kylie uses artificial intelligence to learn incrementally with every question the user asks. This makes it better over time. Kylie is implemented in a company’s social media response system. It monitors every communication channel within the company’s help desk. Through that, it generates responses for managers to look into and confirm if it is okay. This saves a lot of man-hours and also expedites the process.

Kylie can also adapt itself to the language and the dialect which is specific to the company it is working with. Through recurring questions and similar patterns in queries, Kylie can iterate on its answers to improve on its confidence level. Over a period of time, Kylie might be proficient enough to bypass human managers and directly respond to its customers.

Future of conversational commerce

The idea of conversational commerce through AI is fast picking up amongst big players as well. IBM’s Watson joined hands with to create Gywn, a concierge service. It is aimed at customers looking to buy flowers off the site. Similar to Kylie, Gywn is powered through AI. Its interaction is human-like, which improves customer satisfaction on the service front.

Kylie at present needs to be installed over a third party service provider, such as Google, Facebook, Zendesk and their likes. Kylie has the potential to disrupt the way customer care services are done and can replace low-level jobs of handling generic customer queries simultaneously and effectively. This can cut costs for the company and also help it in utilizing its manpower in more complex tasks. Kylie can work on different channels like messaging services, email, Twitter and chat boxes. Right now, it has Microsoft, Nike, Verizon, HP amongst various others as customers.

(Photo credit: apdk via / CC BY)

(Photo credit: apdk via / CC BY)