Persado Automates Copywriting Services

Ever since the advent of the internet and the explosion of companies with an online presence, copywriting has been pushed into prominence. That said, copywriting is an art which takes time and talent to learn. Engaging the audience effectively in improving brand value, is vital for a company’s future sales. Persado, an AI startup claims to do just that. It teaches its software to strategically deliver words to get a positive response for a call-to-action from the users.

Cognitive content generation

Persado’s co-founder Assaf Baciu believes that their software has the ability to understand the cognitive content and generate it as well. Persado’s AI can run campaigns for companies looking for conversions on their landing pages. The software writes content and does efficient A/B testing methods to improve conversion rates. Baciu says Persado on average, uplifts conversion by 49.5%.

Persado’s content platform combines natural language processing and machine language to understand the psyche of the intended users. Based on its observations from previous conversions and call-to-action pages, it can generate content which makes people respond positively. Using big data, the system can systemically quantify emotional and rational characteristics of the consumers.

Content crafted like this can improve the way marketing and sales are done. It improves communication and engages with people on a more personal level. And through these conversions, Persado can learn new insights which could have potentially been lost in information translation. Such practices help it to outperform human copywriters nearly all the time.

Persado’s data mine

Over the course of these few years, Persado has managed to curate and tag more than a million words. This is based on the emotional and motivational appeal the words create in the minds of its users. The response data it holds now is from over 40 billion impressions. Based on the type of business and the objective, the software can automatically select the best words to be put out to create maximum impact.

Baciu believes that cognitive content has a bigger role to play in the future, with content playing a role in motivation and not just in upselling. That said, he also is clear that Persado isn’t looking to replace human copywriters, but only to enhance the field. Artificial intelligence is impacting different streams in a positive way, and copywriting is one that is reaping benefits at the moment. Persado’s clients include giants like Intel and Vodafone. It had taken two rounds of funding till now, with the last one led by Goldman Sachs for $30 million.